Can a heating System pay for itself?

An Introduction to
the Renewable Heat Incentive

The Renewable Heat Incentive is the world’s first long term financial support for the generation of renewable heat. It was introduced to encourage uptake of renewable technologies, whilst lowering the UK’s carbon emissions.

The Government’s Department of Climate Change (DECC) will now pay for the generation of renewable heat. This has been designed to level the playing field between the cost of renewable and traditional fossil fuel systems.

The more efficient the renewable system, the more  money can be claimed. We want to show you how Mitsubishi Electric’s Ecodan can work for you.

The Renewable Heat
Incentive Application Process


Domestic Air Source Heat Pump

Time period – Claimable for 7 years

Tariff – 7.3p kWh

Heat claimable – Renewable heat only

Installations rom – Now

Claim from – Spring 2014

Flow temperatures – Lower flow temperatures  optimise the performance of the heat pump, which  will mean higher heat emitter guide star ratings and  in turn higher RHI payments.

Accreditation – Both the product and installer must be  Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS) approved.

Calculation Tool

The new Ecodan Selection Tool allows end users, consultants,  contractors or anyone else with an interest in heat pumps  and the Renewable Heat Incentive to get an insight into  what this technology could deliver to your building.

The RHI calculation tool section will help to work out your  approximate RHI, whether for a single domestic dwelling or  a large commercial project.

Based on the information entered, the Ecodan Selection  Tool will produce a financial report detailing the benefits that  both domestic and commercial Ecodan users can expect to  receive. These include tailored information on the overall  cost saving benefits; including total running costs, carbon  emissions as well as the all-important RHI Payment figure.

An example page is shown below.

Non-Domestic Air Ground Source Heat Pump

Time period – Claimable for 20 years

Tariff – 2.5p kWh (Air) 7.2p kWh (Ground)  Heat claimable – Total heat output Installations rom – Now

Claim from – Spring 2014

Flow temperatures – Low flow  temperatures will achieve lower  running costs, but RHI allows any

flow temperature as long as it achieves an SPF (Seasonal Performance Factor) of 2.5

Accreditation – Our non-domestic heat pumps are  Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS) and  Enhanced Capital Allowance (ECA) approved

*Tier 1 – 8.7p kWh Tier 2 – 2.6p kWh